America confirms its stand with Lebanon out of its economic crisis

The Ambassador of the United States of America in Beirut, Dorothy Shea, has affirmed her country's stance with Lebanon to get out of the financial and economic crisis that the country is suffering from.

"The United States of America supports the reform steps undertaken by Lebanon in order to be able to get out of the financial and economic crisis that it is suffering from," Chia said during a meeting today, Thursday, with President Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace.

She stressed "her country's support for Lebanon in all fields and to stand by his side in the difficult circumstances that he passes."

According to a statement issued by the Lebanese presidency, President Aoun presented with the American ambassador Lebanese-American relations and means of developing them in all fields, and he also conducted a "horizon tour that covered the current regional developments."

It is noteworthy that Lebanon is suffering from an economic and financial crisis, and the government is trying to save the situation through the rescue plan approved by the Council of Ministers on April 30th by securing financial support from multiple external sources, including the International Monetary Fund and the Cedar Conference.


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