Ambassador of the European Union: "annexation" will affect relations with Israel and support the authority

 The European Union's ambassador to Israel, Emmanuel Geoffrey, said that the "annexation" process that Israel will implement for the Palestinian territories cannot be accepted by European countries, and it will have effects on joint relations, especially in the areas of merchants. Research and education.

This came during a meeting he had with Nitzan Harovich, a member of the Israeli Knesset and leader of the left-wing Meretz party, last night, according to the Yedioth Ahronoth website.

Gouffere stressed the position of Europe that "annexation of lands" constitutes a serious violation of international law, and that such a step that would destroy the two-state solution and harm the peace agreement with Jordan cannot be accepted.

He pointed out that the European Union is in contact with the countries of the region, and that the Arab countries strongly oppose annexation.

And that the European Union, along with other European countries, are the main factor currently financing the Palestinian Authority in the region by 600 million euros annually, with the aim of promoting the two-state solution, but if the annexation is made, it will be a problem in continuing this funding as usual.

The European ambassador stressed that Europe could not be compatible with "annexation of lands", because that would set a precedent in the context of other countries dealing with such violations of annexation.

According to Yediot, the Meretz leader held a series of meetings with international officials aimed at stopping the annexation plan, including with the French ambassador to Israel, Erik Danon, noting that Hrvitch would meet with representatives of other countries and international organizations including US Ambassador David Friedman.

The French ambassador affirmed during his meeting with Harrovich that his country opposes annexation, and that every effort must be made to save Israel from this catastrophe.

Danon said, "The annexation is a catastrophe for the Palestinians and Israelis, because it will end the two-state solution and place a significant security and economic burden on Israel."

He pointed out that most Israelis oppose the annexation and support the two-state solution, and therefore Europe, and everyone who wants to benefit Israel and fight for peace, must work against the annexation plan. like he said.


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