Huawei launches a campaign in Britain in defense of its role in the fifth generation network

Huawei technology giant Huawei launched a massive advertising campaign in the United Kingdom on Monday to persuade the government not to exclude its equipment from the fifth generation network for communication systems.

In this campaign, published in the media, Huawei indicates its contribution to the British telecom network and the country's economy.

"Huawei grew up in the United Kingdom. We have been here for 20 years and have been an integral part of building 3G and 4G networks that we use every day," said Chinese Vice President Victor Zhang in a statement.

The process comes at a time when Huawei's participation in the creation of the 5G network appears to be in question in the UK, amid a climate of mistrust of China, fueled by the Covid-19 epidemic.

The British press revealed in late May that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was considering excluding Huawei from the fifth generation network by 2023.

The government said only that it was studying the security consequences of the new sanctions imposed by Washington, which aim to prevent "Huawei" from developing semiconductors abroad, relying on American technology.

In January, the British government allowed Huawei to build 35 percent of the infrastructure required to deploy a new 5G network in the country.

Johnson is under pressure from members of his camp who want to pursue a tougher policy toward China, as well as from his American ally, who accuses Huawei of spying for Beijing, which he has always denied.

A US senator close to President Donald Trump, last week, waved the withdrawal of the US Air Force in the United Kingdom if the government allowed Huawei to participate in building the fifth generation network.

The fifth generation issue overlaps with that of Brexit. The Chinese ambassador to Britain said that the decision to deal with Huawei will be a test of trade relations with the United Kingdom, which is looking for trade partners after its exit from the European Union, according to the Sunday Times.

HSBC, which is widespread in Asia, also warned the British government of the implications of the Chinese company in the United Kingdom for banning its activities, according to the Daily Telegraph.


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