American study: Self-driving cars will not make roads completely safe in the future

 A recent study conducted in the United States revealed that self-driving cars may in the future be able to reduce car accident rates, but they will not be able to prevent all accidents caused by human errors.

Road safety experts say that human errors cause 94 percent of all accidents in the United States, but the study by the Highway Highway Safety Institute in the United States that self-driving cars powered by computer software will only be able to prevent a third of car accidents.

The study indicated that while autonomous cars will eventually be able to identify risks and express a faster reaction than a person, nor will they lose their focus while driving or will not fall into the error of driving under the influence of alcohol, they cannot prevent the rest of the reasons that lead To accidents.

And the website "Tech Explorer", which specializes in technology, quoted researcher Jessica Cishino, vice president of the institute and one of the participants in preparing the study, saying: "We will continue to witness some accidents despite the ability of self-driving cars to respond faster than humans ... However, these are Cars will not always be able to react immediately to prevent accidents.

The institute reached these results after studying more than five thousand road accidents, while analyzing the reasons that led to them.


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