Application to identify corona patients who will have serious complications in the future

A team of researchers in the United States devised an electronic application that can identify emerging coronavirus patients who are likely to develop serious pathological complications in the future, based on artificial intelligence techniques and some vital signs That appear from patients ’blood tests.

The current laboratory tests can determine whether the patient is a carrier of the emerging coronavirus or not, but it cannot determine the extent of the patient's vulnerability to the virus or the complications that will appear in the future.

The Science Daily website, which specializes in technology, quoted researcher John MacDevitt, professor of biology at the University of New York's School of Dentistry, as saying that "identifying those patients who may have serious symptoms and monitoring them permanently may help identify patients who have priority in accessing care." Health, and it will reduce the pressure on hospitals by excluding patients whose health will not be exacerbated by HIV infection. "

The study team developed the electronic application that works on mobile phones through the data of 160 patients with Corona virus in Wuhan, China, where they were able to identify four vital indicators that appeared in the blood analyzes of patients who died from the virus infection

These indicators reflect the risk of patients with severe complications such as acute infections, respiratory infections and cardiovascular problems.

In order to make this technology readily available to health care workers, researchers have downloaded this data to a mobile application so that medical teams can quickly measure the severity of the patient's condition without requiring specialized medical analyzes.


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