The "underwear thief" in Singapore is 23 weeks in prison

 A thief was sentenced on Monday to a breach of the closure restrictions imposed in Singapore to infiltrate into the backyard of homes and attempt to steal women's underwear with a 23-week prison sentence.

Lee Chi-ken has stolen underwear from homes at least 30 times since 2018, and police found more than 100 bra during a raid on his home last year, according to court documents.

The 39-year-old was released on bail on charges of underwear theft last month when he sneaked into a backyard of a house in search of more such clothes, but the owner of the house monitored him and informed the police that arrested him.

Last month, he pleaded guilty to breaching closure measures by leaving his home without good reason and not wearing a muzzle. He also confessed to charges of theft and criminal infringement.

On Monday, the Singaporean authorities sentenced him to 23 weeks in prison.

My lawyer said during the trial that the former part-time actor "became an adult late".

The court prosecutor said last month that Lee "chooses bras and lingerie to steal it based on her appearance."

The Singaporean authorities imposed a partial closure in early April, closing schools and most workplaces and allowing people to leave their homes only if necessary.


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