A stand for people with special needs to denounce the execution of young Iyad al-Halak

 Dozens of workers in Jerusalem institutions for people with special needs participated today, Monday, in a protest in front of Bab Al-Sahirah Square, one of the gates of the Old City in occupied Jerusalem, to condemn the execution carried out by the occupation soldiers against a person with special needs Iyad Al-Hallaq is a resident of Wadi Al-Joz in occupied Jerusalem.

Participants in the stand, which witnessed an intense presence of the occupation soldiers, raised banners denouncing the crime of occupation, the policy of field executions, and against violations against persons with disabilities, calling for international protection for them.

Lawyer Haitham Khatib, director of the legal unit at the St. Yves Foundation, said that the stand was a denunciation of targeting the martyr Al-Hallaq, who did not pose a threat to anyone’s life.

The occupation forces opened fire towards the young man, barber, ten days ago, while he was heading to his virgin school inside the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem, which led to his martyrdom.


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