The Prisoner´s Club: The fears of a pandemic spread among the prisoners are still present and not over

The captive club said today, Monday, that the dangers and fears that affect the fate of prisoners in the occupation prisons due to the spread of the (Corona) epidemic are still unfinished, in light of the continued declaration of the occupation of injuries among the ranks of its prisons They are the only source for the possibility of transmitting the virus to prisoners.

And the Asir Club expressed its deep concern, in light of the new developments related to the announcement of the occupation of the wounding of two "Al-Nahshoun" units in "Beersheba" prison, which includes several prisons, including the "Eshel" prison, in which security prisoners, including a number of sick prisoners, remain The danger posed by the presence of the "Ma`bar" section, in which movement between prisons, investigation and detention centers is active.

The Prisoner Club affirmed that, despite the intense warnings and demands made by Palestinian human rights institutions, the need to release sick prisoners, children and women, the occupation not only did not respond to the demands, but rather continued detention operations in all governorates of the West Bank, which witnessed a significant increase in the rate of arrests since the beginning of the month Last May, compared to April.

The Prisoners Club pointed out that the measures of the occupation prisons, which are related to the epidemic, remained confined to the policy of prevention and turned into a tool of deprivation and contributed to the double isolation of prisoners, without providing any alternative to alleviate their suffering, particularly with regard to stopping the visits of their families, where the vast majority of prisoners continue to be deprived of Communicating by phone with their families, despite what it announced about allowing specific groups to communicate with conditions, which took place once since the epidemic began.

The Prisoners Club renewed its demand for international organizations, headed by the Red Cross as a competent authority, to play a more effective role by increasing its staff working in Palestine, in order to meet the needs of the current situation, and to achieve the possibility of reassuring prisoners, reassuring their families, and pressure for the presence of a neutral international medical committee participating in the inspection Prisoners and ensuring their safety, given that the information issued so far is from the Occupation Prisons Administration.


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