Gaza: Stop pumping wastewater toward the sea

The Gaza municipality announced today, Monday, that it has stopped pumping untreated wastewater towards the sea coast.

Ahmed Abu Ras, the deputy mayor, said, in radio statements, that swimming in the sea this summer will be safe, unlike the previous seasons.

He pointed out that 50 new projects are being prepared, to serve the citizens, with funding from the Municipal Fund and the Kuwaiti Grant, and some projects are being presented in sequence.

And that these projects target areas that need sanitation and paving sandy roads to overcome the problem of collecting rain water.

Abu Ras pointed out that the municipality plans 4 months ago to develop the waterfront to be beautiful and worthy of the people of Gaza and its sacrifices, noting that months ago the random stalls on the "Corniche" were organized.

He stated that the municipality is in the process of establishing some “beads” kiosks on the coast (Corniche) with a daily fee of 23 shekels a day.

And he stated that 4 breaks with a width of 60 meters per one were constructed on the beachfront, starting from Al-Rashid Street and ending west.


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