Netanyahu and Gantz assert: The US administration has not given the green light to Israel to impose sovereignty

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Army Minister and alternative Prime Minister Benny Gantz confirmed that there is a noticeable decline in the US position on giving Israel the green light to impose sovereignty over settlements in the West Bank.

"The United States has not yet given the green light to impose Israeli sovereignty on parts of the West Bank," Netanyahu was quoted by the Arabic-speaking Israel Broadcasting Corporation as saying.

According to the commission, Netanyahu reported this to the settlement leaders who support the US plan after a meeting with them last night.

Netanyahu pointed out that there are differences of opinion with the American side about the amount of land that will be annexed and that surrounds the isolated settlements.

"The only American demand from Israel under President Donald Trump's plan is an initial agreement to enter negotiations with the Palestinians," he said.

Netanyahu said, "Contrary to Israel's position, the United States calls what is intended to be negotiated with the Palestinian state."

He indicated that he intends to involve the heads of local authorities in the settlements in the mapping process, stressing that Israel will maintain security control and freedom of movement as it is now.

For his part, Gantz said during a meeting of a blue-white party, that there is a process of dialogue with the American side and others he did not refer to about the annexation plan, stressing the need to be balanced.

Whereas, Gabi Ashkenazi, the foreign minister of the occupation, who is from the same party, said that Blue-White is not committed to the plan at all, calling for waiting until it is put on the negotiating table before deciding on the matter.


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