Jerusalem .. Occupation demolished 45 Palestinian homes in May

An Israeli human rights organization active in observing violations of the occupation in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem revealed that the occupation municipality in Jerusalem has forced 35 Palestinians to self-demolish their homes east of the city in recent months .

The city of peoples (Ir Amim) said that 47 houses in occupied Jerusalem, belonging to Palestinian citizens, had been demolished due to the illegal construction .

She added, "35 of them were self-demolished as families demolished their homes to avoid paying heavy monetary fines . " Notice that in 2019, the occupation municipality forced 40 Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem to self-demolish their homes .

She pointed out that the data since the beginning of the year 2020 indicate a significant increase in the number of self-demolitions in the occupied city .

“The discrimination in building and planning laws is that families in occupied East Jerusalem are almost unable to obtain the necessary building permits. After investing life savings in building a house, families are pushed to destroy their homes,” she said.

She noted that the occupation municipality agreed in 2019 to grant building permits to only 7% of the applications submitted to it. Stressing: "Palestinian citizens in Jerusalem, living in a suffocating housing crisis due to the Israeli measures."


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