Netanyahu and Levin to settlement leaders: The annexation within weeks will not include the establishment of a Palestinian state

 Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister and leader of the Likud party, and Yariv Levin, the Likud pole member of the Mapping Group and Speaker of the Knesset, informed the settlement leaders who support the American plan "The Deal of the Century", that the " The inclusion will take place within weeks.

They represent 12 settlements across the West Bank, where about a quarter of a million settlers live.

Netanyahu and Levin said - according to Hebrew Channel 13 - the "annexation" process would not include any indication of the establishment of a Palestinian state, and the Israeli government would not agree to that.

Netanyahu indicated that the mapping has not yet been completed, and is still being prepared, stressing the need to seize this opportunity, which has not been repeated for 73 years, especially with the presence of US President Donald Trump in the White House.

"We should not make Trump think that we are not interested in the plan," he said.

According to settler sources, Netanyahu told settlement leaders that he had sought to implement sovereignty until before July 1, but for reasons of the coalition negotiations previously he decided to postpone until next month.

According to the sources, Netanyahu indicated that the settlements and settlements will be expanded to prevent the isolation of any of them, and to pave the way towards the large settlement blocs, indicating that he is ready to enter into negotiations on the 30% in which sovereignty will not be applied, and that no construction operations will be frozen in Any of the regions.

The sources indicated that Netanyahu was asked to take part in the steps that will be taken later.

The meeting between Netanyahu and Levin comes with settlement leaders, after an attack by settlement leaders rejecting the plan, against Netanyahu because of his acceptance of the US plan that includes the establishment of a Palestinian state as defined by the Trump administration.


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