Thousands demonstrate in Tel Aviv, rejecting annexation and supporting peace

 Thousands of Palestinians from the 48, and left-wing activists, demonstrated Saturday evening in the Rabin Square area in Tel Aviv, rejecting the Israeli annexation plan for the Palestinian territories, and in support of peace between the two sides.

The march in which the Palestinian flag was hoisted, along with anti-occupation slogans and racism, a number of streets surrounding Rabin Square, in the midst of an intense presence of the Israeli police.

The participants returned slogans condemning the occupation and its crimes against the Palestinians, in addition to denouncing the crime of the execution of the martyr Iyad Al-Hallaq who uploaded his photos, and the killing of the American black man George Floyd at the hands of the American police, noting that these crimes are the same and fall under the American-Israeli racism.

Leaders from Knesset members from the Joint Arab List and left-wing figures participated in the march.

The Israeli police had retracted a previous decision to ban the event, and allowed it to be organized under healthy restrictive conditions.


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