Shtayyeh during his meeting with British Minister Cleverley: We will not accept the exchange of our money for our political and national position

The British minister affirms Britain's position on rejecting annexation


Ramallah - "Al-Quds" dot com - Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said that "tax money is the money of our people and it is our right, and Israel wants to exchange policy for money, and we will not allow our money to be exchanged for our political and national stance, and that the money be in exchange for re-coordination, so the question of Palestine is not an issue of money, Rather, it is an issue of rights, dignity and freedom. "

This came during a meeting of the British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs James Cleverley, today, Thursday, via video conference.

Shtayyeh called on the United Kingdom to recognize the Palestinian state, to translate the will of the British people, which was represented by the parliament’s vote in favor of recognition, saying that this moment is the right time for that, especially in light of the Israeli annexation schemes.

The Prime Minister stressed that if the annexation schemes were implemented, the project of the Palestinian state would have finally collapsed, calling on Britain to put its weight and translate its clear political position by rejecting the annexation, because it would be a model for many other countries.

Shtayyeh explained that the Jordan Valley area is 28% of the West Bank, and it has vital importance, as it is the food basket for Palestine, and it has tourist and historical importance, and it forms the borders of Palestine with Jordan, stressing that the annexation will not be accepted, and its passage will not be allowed.

He pointed out that "the involvement of the international community to protect human rights, international law and international resolutions has had a decisive role in ending apartheid in South Africa, and the same tools must be used with the occupation in Palestine, because Israel takes us to the path of apartheid."

Shtayyeh said: "Israel imposes a reality that is deteriorating at the expense of the Palestinian state, and it is not wise to wait, because the facts change daily, and the actions must change accordingly. This is an existential threat to our national project and to the existence of our people on its land."

The Prime Minister added: "We worked with the international community over the past years to reach an independent, sovereign, and sovereign Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital, and now this project is collapsing completely, and this authority is not a gift from anyone but rather as a result of the sacrifices of our people."

Shtayyeh expressed his thanks to Britain for providing aid and responding to the Palestinian plan in the face of Corona, and for raising the capacities of the health sector, calling for contributing to the plan to revive the Palestinian economy after this pandemic.

In turn, the British minister affirmed his country's position rejecting annexation, saying: "We will not support annexing Israel to parts of the West Bank, because that will make achieving the two-state solution more difficult, and we work with you and all parties to achieve peace in the region."


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