Freed prisoner Samah Jaradat was interrogated for 22 days and the prisoners are in a difficult situation.

The young editor, Samah Jaradat, who was released from the occupation prisons, said today, Wednesday, that she had gone through a harsh investigation period, and that the women prisoners in Damoon Prison are suffering from difficult conditions.

Jaradat explained in a press interview: "Upon my arrest, I was subjected to a severe investigation period of 22 days of psychological torture, and the investigators were deliberately pressuring to cause a general breakdown in my state of mind. After the investigation period, I was transferred to Damoon Prison, which lacks the lowest human conditions and does not ventilate in the rooms, Cameras have been put in place that limit the freedom of the prisoners, in addition to the deliberate medical neglect, especially the rights of the prisoners who suffer injuries, such as the Jerusalemite prisoner Israa Al-Jaabees.

She added: "I left 39 female captives, including 16 mothers, seven female detainees, and two female detainees in administrative detention, and the female prisoners live in complete isolation from the outside world. After the outbreak of the Corona virus, the isolation increased, by preventing visits by families and lawyers, and public phones were not intentionally installed and stalled by Prison administration. "

The liberated mother, Samah Jaradat, said: "I did not expect my daughter to be this strong and challenging. Before her arrest, I was dealing with her as a child, but after her liberation, a strong grace came out that challenged the might of the occupation."

And after his liberation, Samah Jaradat received the national songs that praise the steadfastness of the prisoners and women prisoners, including "I do not want a ring ... I want the flag of Palestine to fly over the courts" and I do not want a dowry, I want Palestine from the sea and the river.

It is noteworthy that the occupation arrested the occupation Samah Jaradat in the month of Eloom in 2019 after graduating days from Birzeit University with a specialization in sociology. The occupation arrests more than 75 students from Birzeit University for their student union activity, and the arrests did not stop in their ranks.


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