A pause in Gaza, confirming the Palestinian right to commemorate the setback

he Follow-up Committee for the National and Islamic Forces in the Gaza Strip organized, today, Thursday, a pause to affirm the Palestinian rights and adhere to the struggle and choice of resistance, in the 53rd anniversary of the setback that occurred in June 1967.

Dozens of faction leaders and supporters participated in the stand organized in front of the United Nations headquarters, west of Gaza City.

Sami Naeem, speaking on behalf of the committee, said that the balance of forces working in favor of the occupation cannot undermine the hope of the Palestinian people to continue their struggle and extract their rights.

He pointed out that the Palestinian people will continue their struggle, struggle, and resistance until they achieve their goals in defeating the occupation of all the Palestinian land, and that Jerusalem be a unified capital for the Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims.

And he recalled the martyrs of Palestine and the Arab and Islamic nations who fell in defense of the battle of the nation and its rights, calling on the Arab and Islamic countries to continue their positions in support of the Palestinian cause and not to normalize with the occupation, and stand together in facing the plans of the occupation and the American administration supporting it.

Naim stressed the need for the United Nations to shoulder its responsibilities by pressuring the occupation to desist from its aggressive policies, the latest of which was the intention to annex the West Bank, calling on the United Nations to implement its decisions related to Palestinian legitimacy and obligate the occupation to do so.

A spokesman for the Follow-up Committee of the National and Islamic Forces called on the Palestinian leadership to adhere to the decisions of the National and Central Councils, to cancel the agreements with the occupation and to break away from the Oslo agreement and withdraw its recognition, and to agree on a unified Palestinian political strategy to be able to confront these plans, especially the annexation plan.

He said, "What is required is more unity, an end to division, and strengthening the position of Arab states and uniting them in order to serve the Palestinian cause."


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