49 violations of journalists were recorded last month

 During the monthly report on the state of press freedoms for the month of May, the Committee to Support Journalists monitored (49) violations, including (38) by the occupation forces, and (11) by Palestinian internal agencies.

The committee also monitored more than (100) cases of violations by social media companies, for the sites, pages and accounts of journalists, in the context of fighting the Palestinian content and obliterating the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people.

She noted that the Israeli occupation forces continued their deliberate violations of Palestinian journalists and media, despite international laws and covenants that guarantee the protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

The Israeli attacks in the Occupied Palestinian Territories increased, during the month of May, by the arrest of more than 7 journalists and journalists, by the occupation forces, including journalist Annan Najib, the poet Rania Hatem, Tamer Obaidat, Anan al-Shami, Ahmed Abu Sobeih, and the journalist Sundus. Aweys, from Gaza, Muhammad Abu Daqqa has not yet been released.

The occupation forces also detained the journalist Musab Shawer, while the occupation intelligence summoned (5) journalists, namely, the journalist Christine Renawi, and Annan Najib, where they were summoned 3 times, and the journalist Rose Al-Rouz.

In addition, the Occupation Court issued one ruling against the media prisoner, Mais Abu Ghosh, while the Occupation Court decided to deport (2) journalists from Jerusalem, namely Annan Naguib, and journalist Sundus Owais.

On the side of deliberate targeting and injuries, the report of the Committee to Support Journalists (5) recorded cases of assault against journalists, including Nasser Shtayyeh, Majdi Shtayyeh, and Nidal Shtayyeh, targeting groups of journalists in the towns of Kober in Ramallah, and worshiping in Jenin with sound and gas bombs.

While the occupation forces prevented journalists from practicing their professional work in covering the violations of the occupation against the Palestinians, which recorded three cases during which all journalists were prevented from covering the storming and demolition of the homes of citizens in the occupied Palestinian territories, during which the demolition of the media house and the writer, Widad Barghouti and her son, the captive media student Qassam Al-Barghouti.

Regarding the raids and incursions into the homes of journalists, the May report recorded more than (5) cases of storming the homes of journalists, which wreaked havoc, and during the raid and search operations, personal tools of the journalist Anan Najib were confiscated, represented in his phone and memory card.

Concerning the closure of media and press institutions, the report of the Committee to Support Journalists recorded one renewal and the extension and closure and prevention and banning of "Palestine" television activities in both the Arabic and Hebrew languages ​​within the territories of 48, for an additional six months on the pretext that it belonged to the National Authority.

Not only did the occupation intensify its violations against journalists and media workers, but its violations continued to torture journalists and media workers in the jails of the occupation prisons, which registered one number against the journalist Mays Abu Ghosh and subject them to continuous investigations and torture, in addition to medical neglect against them despite the deterioration of their health status, and the occupation also used the method of provocation To release the journalists you arrested and forced them to pay a fine, which recorded three cases.

In addition, social media sites and platforms impose unjust restrictions on the Palestinian content, in collusion with the Israeli occupation, which it uses as a tool in combating the Palestinian narrative. The report of the Committee to Support Journalists recorded during the April report more than 100 accounts of Palestinian journalists and activists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, In one day and throughout the month without giving reasons, which comes in the context of fighting Palestinian content.


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