Clashes in the United States despite the curfew after Floyd´s death

A curfew was imposed in major American cities following clashes over the police violence, as protesters ignored the President's warnings that his government would end violent protests.

And the US city of Minneapolis witnessed violence on Saturday for the fifth consecutive night, and riot police fired tear gas and sound bombs to disperse angry protesters over the killing of George Floyd, a defenseless black American who spent Monday while arrested in the city.

And confrontations took place in more than twenty cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta, prompting the authorities in these cities to impose a night curfew, while several states called in the National Guard to help control the civil unrest that the United States had not seen in several years.

From Seattle to New York, tens of thousands demonstrated to demand the charge of premeditated murder and the arrest of others in the case of Floyd, who died of asphyxiation after white policeman Derek Chauven fixed it to the ground with his leg.

In Los Angeles, security agents fired rubber bullets and used batons to disperse demonstrators who burned a police car.

In several cities, including New York and Chicago, clashes took place between protesters and the police, who used pepper spray in response to the bombardment, while the glass fronts of several stores in Philadelphia were broken.

American media reported the arrest of several people in Minneapolis, Seattle and New York.

On Sunday dawn, the Minneapolis police announced that a body had been found near a burning car.

Police spokesman John Elder said an investigation had been opened to uncover the circumstances. It was not clear if the matter was linked to the protests.

US President Donald Trump has accused the extreme left of fomenting violence that has included looting and arson.

Trump, who has repeatedly condemned the "heartbreaking" death of George Floyd, said the demonstrators were shaming the man's memory.

"We must not allow a small group of criminals and saboteurs to destroy our cities," he said. He attributed the chaos to "groups of the radical left", especially anti-fascists.

On Sunday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned the violence in the protests, stressing at the same time the Americans' right to demonstrate. He said in a statement, "Protesting this brutality is a right and a necessity. It is a pure American response."

But he added that the matter does not apply to "burning cities and free destruction", stressing that "violence that endangers people's lives is not the same. Violence that affects and closes society's services is not."

Peaceful demonstrations were held in Toronto, Canada, after the condemnation of violence by the police widened beyond the borders of the United States.

Canadian demonstrators, most of whom were masked by the new Corona virus, raised banners saying "Black lives matter" and "I can no longer breathe," the phrase that George Floyd said when the policeman was holding him on the ground.

And in Minnesota, Governor Tim Waltz has announced a build-up of the state's 13,000 National Guard soldiers.

On Saturday night, all motorways leading to Minneapolis were closed, with military helicopters flying through the state, amid fears of continued riots, looting and arson.

Many residents of the state say that most of the violence is committed by people who came from outside it.

During the day, the residents tried to give another picture of the city. Kylie Johnson, 28, said Minneapolis "is sick and burning," adding that "all I can do is clean up."

In Floyd's hometown of Houston and where he will be buried, housewife Shavon Eileen said she is "exhausted and sad" by seeing "her brothers and sisters be mistakenly killed by the Houston police and justice has never been done."

The mayor of Houston announced at a press conference that Floyd's body would be returned to the city.

At least eight states, including Texas, Colorado, and Georgia, deployed the National Guard, which was also deployed around the White House to contain the protests.

In Washington, clashes took place between protesters and security personnel near the White House for the second night in a row.

Trump faces the most serious wave of civil violence in his era, which is also overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Looting was recorded in Miami where a curfew was imposed, while New York Mayor Bill de Palacio described it as "disturbing" a video showing what appeared to be a New York police car ramming protesters in Brooklyn, without denouncing the behavior of police officers.

In Los Angeles, the city's mayor extended the curfew after looting increased.

Fires were lit on Melrose Avenue and at a hotel near Lafayette Square in Washington.

A number of journalists were reportedly injured while covering the events, and there were reports of pepper spray and rubber bullets being fired at the journalists.

The protests are expected to continue, despite the arrest of Chauvin, who was expelled from the Minneapolis police, and charged with manslaughter on Friday.

The Floyd family and protesters are demanding more charges and the arrest of three other policemen in the case.


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