Freedom: Barber´s execution is a new Israeli crime, within the organized state behavior

The group of human rights organizations, Freedom, said that the execution of a young soldier with special needs represents an extrajudicial execution.

The gathering added in a statement issued on Sunday, that it continued with great dissatisfaction with the killing of 32-year-old Iyad Khairi Al-Hallaq, who suffers from autism, to add Iyad's name to a long list of victims of the Israeli occupation, and his death crime is added to the crowded record of crimes Occupation.

The Gathering of Human Rights Institutions called on the United Nations General Assembly, the Secretary General, the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, and the Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities, to form special investigation committees into this crime and not to acknowledge the account of the occupation authorities.

He called on the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions to exert the necessary pressure on the occupation authorities to stop the racist and aggressive policies that are systematic and violating the Geneva Conventions, aimed at depriving the Palestinians of their right to life.

The Prosecutor also called for the International Criminal Court to include this crime for its preliminary study as a pattern of ongoing and systematic criminal behavior committed on a large scale, and called for the Pre-Trial Chamber to accelerate the dismissal positively by allowing the Prosecutor to directly investigate the Palestinian territories.

According to the gathering’s follow-up, IOF executed Iad with live ammunition in cold blood after he fired eight to ten bullets while he was heading to his “Al-Bakria Industrial” school for people with special needs near Al-Asbat Gate.

The assembly rejected the occupation forces' justifications for the contradictory crime itself in the first place, and does not justify them in committing this inhuman crime, as claiming that he was carrying a knife or a plastic pistol or that he did not obey orders to stop does not allow his deliberate killing, because that violates the code of conduct for law enforcement officials dated in December 17, 1979 AD, which necessitates a gradual use of force and to the extent necessary to advance danger and control. On the other hand, what justifies these justifications is the intentional shooting repeated ten times. In addition, the occupation forces stormed the victim’s home after killing and searching him. The assault on his family confirms the careful planning and implementation of the crime.

Freedom Group emphasized that this crime is compelling evidence that the repeated murders committed by the occupation soldiers against the Palestinians, and without any threat to them or a legal justification for firing at them, are the organized state behavior committed with organized and systematic instructions issued from the top of the security and political pyramid, as well It is further evidence of the lack of credibility and account of the occupation authorities for all the killings carried out by the occupation police and its army against the Palestinians for allegedly carrying out stabbings.


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