A mass strike prevails in Palestine on Monday

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The national and Islamic forces in the Gaza Strip on Sunday announced an all-out strike on Monday, coinciding with a strike in the occupied West Bank and the Palestinian territories, rejecting the Israeli racist "nationalist" law.

The Government Information office in Gaza stressed the commitment of all government institutions in the sector to the decision of the Committee of Powers to declare the strike tomorrow, and called on the masses of our people to participate in the events organized by the Committee tomorrow rejecting the law  "nationalism " and support for our people in our occupied territory.

The Ministry of Education said Monday it was a strike in all educational institutions in Gaza, in compliance with the decision of the Committee of National and Islamic forces to support our people in the occupied interior and a rejection of the law of nationalism.

The high-level Arab follow-up Committee in the occupied Palestinian territories on Monday declared a general and comprehensive strike, rejecting the "nationalism " law adopted by the Israeli occupation in July.

In the West Bank, the forces called for a commitment to a general and comprehensive strike on all walks of life tomorrow, stressing that "the importance of adhering to mass and popular events is a rejection of the racist law that comes in the context of the century's deal aimed at settling the Palestinian cause."


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