78,400 students take the high school exam in exceptional circumstances

 78,400 students in the northern and southern governorates, in Jerusalem and abroad, are heading today, Saturday, to take the first high school exams as a precaution and preventive measure.

Students take secondary school exams this year in exceptional circumstances in light of the presence of the new "Corona" virus.

The Minister of Education, Marawan Awartani, had announced a plan to hold the high school exam, which included, in addition to educational aspects, a package of health, safety, and protection measures for students and exam workers, based on a health protocol for this high school exam.

The plan outlines the roles and tasks assigned to all ministries and related agencies, including the ministries: Education, Health, Local Government, Interior, Communications, Communications, Foreign Affairs and Entrepreneurship.

The Ministry of Education has significantly increased the number of examination rooms and the number of monitors; In order to alleviate students the hassle of moving in these conditions, and in order to adhere to the standards of social separation and prevention approved by the Ministry of Health, it also secured cleaning and sterilization according to the rules for all examination facilities and in all centers.

"Education" has prepared informative brochures and procedural regulations for students, observers, classroom administrators, school health committees, municipalities and local councils.

The Ministry of Education decided, yesterday, to close the high school exam hall in Azzun Atma village, south of Qalqilya, on the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

Mohamed Awad, Director of Examinations at the Ministry of Education, told Wafa that, according to instructions from the Ministry of Health, it was decided to close the high school exam hall in Azzun Atma village, and the exam for the 35 students will be held at the end of June or during a course The month of August.

He added, "As for the students of the villages of Seneria and Beit Amin, which are adjacent to the village, the examination hall will be opened in Seneria village, and the students of Beit Amin village will be given the opportunity to take the exams as planned, and within health procedures."

The governor of Qalqilya had announced the closure of the villages of “Azzun Atma, Beit Amin, and Seniriya,” south of Qalqilya, after announcing the registration of 10 cases of Corona virus in the governorate, most of them from the village of Azzun Atma.


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