The occupation forces a Jerusalemite family to demolish their home in Jabal Al-Mukabber

The Israeli occupation forces forced a family in the town of Jabal Al-Mukaber, south of occupied Jerusalem, to demolish their 85-square-meter house.

One of the owners of the house, Musa Kassab Bashir, told Wafa that the occupation municipality in Jerusalem delivered them on the twenty-sixth of last month a notice to demolish the house the family built 7 years ago, on the pretext of not licensing.

He continued that the family started today to demolish the one-storey house, which houses 6 individuals, with the help of a private bulldozer, to avoid paying financial fines for the occupation.

For his part, Secretary of the "Fatah" movement in Jabal Al-Mukabbar, Iyad Bashir, said that the occupation authorities continue to hand over dozens of houses in the town, notifications of demolition, under pretexts and pretexts, with the aim of displacing Jerusalemites.

He stressed that "the policy of demolition implemented by the arms of the occupation will not obscure our Jerusalemite identity, and we will remain in our land and will not leave it."


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