Germany supports food aid for poor families in Palestine

The German government provided 6 million euros (6.5 million US dollars), to cover the food needs of more than 300,000 non-refugee Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank .

The World Food Program of the United Nations, that this generous donation from the German Foreign Ministry will enable him to continue to provide food aid through electronic vouchers to 274 thousand non-refugee Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank for a period of two months .

He pointed out that 35 thousand people in the Gaza Strip will get enough food rations for three months, and include fortified wheat flour, legumes, vegetable oils and salt fortified with iodine .

"The Covid-19 crisis has pushed thousands more into poverty and hunger as humanitarian needs increase amid a faltering economy, " said the WFP representative, country director Stephen Kearney .

He added: "The current situation requires the implementation of the World Food Program and other agencies for more comprehensive interventions. We have great confidence in the support of our donors to respond to the growing needs, and we are grateful to Germany, the government and the people, for their continued and steadfast support in this difficult time ."


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