Rolling publishes a free online fairy tale for Blocked Children

The author, J. Rowling, author of "Harry Potter" series, will launch a free online sequence of a story she wrote for her children 10 years ago.

The famous British writer said that she decided to publish the story "The Icapag" of children who were forced to stay at home during the stone imposed by the epidemic of Covid 19 in most parts of the world.

Rolling said in a statement that it will publish the first two chapters of the story on the site "The" dedicated to it on Tuesday, with the release of 34 additional chapters every day of the week until July 10.

She plans to publish the story in English in November and other languages ​​later. All proceeds will be given to projects that assist groups particularly affected by the epidemic.

This story takes place in a fictional location and is primarily aimed at children between the ages of seven and nine, and is not related to any previous work by Rolling.

"Icapag is a story about truth and abuse of power," the author said, adding that "it was not intended to be considered as a response to anything happening in the world now."

She noted that "topics can apply to any age and in any country." The author also invited young emerging artists to be inspired by "colored characters" to film the story and participate in their artwork in a global competition run by its publishers.

"After I decided to publish the story, I thought how wonderful it would be if the children were locked in homes or need some entertainment during this difficult period we are going through, to depict the story for me" by drawing them in a move that encourages creativity.


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