Trump threatens to "shut down" social media after asking Twitter to scrutinize his tweets

 US President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to "organize" and "shut down" social media platforms after Twitter accused him Tuesday of spreading false information via two "baseless" tweets.

"Republicans feel that social media platforms are exercising full control over the voices of conservatives," Trump tweeted, "we will organize them too tightly or shut them down to not allow a similar thing to happen."

Twitter commented on a tweet published by the President on Tuesday that he considered, without providing evidence, that voting by mail would necessarily lead to fraud and "fraudulent elections."

Under the tweets, Twitter posted a link saying "Verify the facts about mailing vote," the first of a social network that had long resisted calls to blame the United States president for unconfirmed posts.

Trump replied again Wednesday, saying, "We cannot allow ballot papers on a large scale to be rooted in our country. It will be something for everyone to cheat, fraud, and steal ballot papers."

"Whoever deceives more is the one who wins," he said, calling on "social media to clean up now."

Trump also accused social media platforms of interfering in the recent elections, saying "We saw what they tried to do and failed in 2016."

"We cannot allow a more sophisticated version to happen again," he added.

Trump has repeatedly used Twitter as a platform to spread abuses, conspiracy theories, and insults received by 80 million of his followers.

Before his election in 2016, he fought his political battle by endorsing a lie that Barack Obama, the first black American president, was not born in the United States and was therefore not eligible to be president.


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