Erekat warns that Israel will resort to violence to pass the annexation scheme

 Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PLO, Dr. Saeb Erekat today, Wednesday, from the resort of Israel to violence to pass its plan to annex parts of the West Bank.

Erekat told Radio Voice of Palestine: Israel's approach is based on imposing facts on the ground and dedicating the occupation to ending any negotiating path that leads to peace and anarchy.

He stated that after the decision of the Palestinian leadership to stop the implementation of agreements with Israel, including security coordination, Israel plans to escalate the field and try to spread chaos, which requires international intervention.

Erekat pointed out that the leadership is in permanent session, and is conducting international and Arab contacts to prevent the implementation of the annexation plan and warn of its dangers to annex the entire Palestinian territories, and try to save the peace process.

He stressed that "there is no possibility for the American and Israeli sides to back away from the annexation plan, except with an international pause and a coalition saying to Israel no, and that there will be consequences for implementing this decision on economic and political relations with it."

Erekat said: "Everyone should take matters seriously, in light of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's insistence on implementing the annexation and settlement scheme and imposing facts on the ground."

Erekat stressed the importance of the stances issued by France, Germany and Britain, which warned Israel of the dire consequences of the annexation plan, and called on it to retract it, because of its risks to the chances of achieving the two-state solution.

Israeli media reported today that the Israeli army has decided to push additional reinforcements of its forces into the West Bank to prepare for any emergency following the Palestinian decision to stop security coordination.

The Israeli army resumed its detention operations inside the Palestinian areas in the West Bank last night, after stopping during the days of Eid Al-Fitr, without registering cases of friction with the Palestinian security forces, days after the National Authority announced the cessation of security coordination.


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