A mother and her children are suffocated due to the occupation soldiers targeting their house with liquefied gas in Kafr Qaddum

The family of Citizen Dia Shtaiwi in Kafr Quddum east of Qalqilya was suffocated due to the occupation army targeting their house with gas bombs during their suppression of the Kafr Qaddum weekly anti-settlement march and demanding the opening of the closed village street more than 16 years ago, which was launched to denounce the intention of the occupation Announcing the annexation of lands in the West Bank to his system.

The media spokesman in Kafr Qaddum, Murad Shtaiwi, said that the occupation soldiers stormed the town and fired gas bombs at the houses of the citizens, some of which landed in the house of Zia Shtaiwi, which resulted in the injury of his three children, Adam 6 years old, 4 years old, Ahmed 9 months, and his wife suffocating, and they were treated in the field by the crescent crew Palestinian red.

Shtiwi confirmed the outbreak of violent confrontations with the occupation soldiers after storming the town, in which the youths used stones and failed several ambushes aimed at arresting them, while the soldiers responded by firing live bullets towards the homes of the citizens, especially the drinking water tanks, which led to the damage of one of them.

The march began Friday afternoon, denouncing the endeavors of the occupation government, to announce the annexation of parts of the occupied lands in the 67 to the occupation system, where the participants called for an escalation of the confrontation with the occupation army to thwart these colonial plans.

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