Choking injuries during clashes in Kafr Qaddum

Clashes broke out in the village of Kafr Kaddoum, east of Mejina Qalqilya, with Israeli soldiers at noon Friday, after the weekly march towards the entrance, which has been closed since 2003.

Mourad Shteiwi, coordinator of the weekly march, said: Despite the high temperatures and the holy month of Ramadan, the march has not stopped for nine years despite the repression of the occupation by all means of internationally forbidden repression, including bullets, chemicals, unstructured gas bombs and the destruction of the health of the injured."

Shtewi added: " Many young men and citizens suffered asphyxiation after heavy tear gas canisters were fired, soldiers tried to ambush many houses to arrest the young participants and the vigilance of the youths prevented their goal from being achieved.

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