The occupation forces a citizen and her daughter in Ya`bad for the fourth time

Israeli forces arrested at dawn Friday, Suhaila Mohammed Asfour, 45, and her daughter Iman, 16, during a raid on the town of Ya'abd, southwest of Jenin.
Our correspondent reported that this is the fourth time that israeli soldiers arrested Asfour and her daughter, pointing out that more than 15 Israeli military vehicles were stationed in al-Salama neighborhood, and carried out raids and raids on many houses of citizens, interspersed with violence and by israeli soldiers who attacked the owners of the targeted houses and destroyed their contents.
Among the owners of the targeted houses were Attia Mohammed Younis Abu Bakr, and his two brothers, nazmi and Rabahi, were also identified as having been added to Abu Bakr's diwan in al-Salama neighborhood.
Clashes also broke out between groups of youths and occupying forces, who fired sound bombs and tear gas, but no injuries were reported.
Since 12 january, the town has been the target of a campaign of raids, raids and arrests that have affected some 44 citizens, including children and women.

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