The World Health Organization warns against opening mosques in Gaza after recording new injuries

Abdel Nasser Sobh, director of the World Health Organization office in the Gaza Strip, warned midnight tonight that opening mosques to perform Friday prayers as well as Eid al-Fitr would add a catalyst for the spread of the Corona virus in an easy way, especially after recording 25 cases Inside the quarantine centers.

In a press statement, Sobh considered discovering the new cases in one day as an additional risk factor for the possibility of the virus spreading inside Gaza.

The official said in the World Health Organization, that the crowding in the Gaza markets will contribute to the spread of the virus in a high rate, and threatens a great danger, noting that the health system inside the Gaza Strip is still not ready to deal with hundreds of cases in the event of the spread of the virus.

He pointed to the lack of discipline of citizens with preventive measures, and the state of relaxation not witnessed in public places and markets, which foreshads a catastrophic and unforeseeable catastrophe. like he said.

On behalf of the World Health Organization, Sobh called on citizens and official bodies to abide by the preventive measures announced by the Ministry of Health and the organization to avoid the spread of the virus within the community.


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