Gaza: A significant rise in casualties of the Corona virus, the decision to close the crossings and the direction of the curfew

The government agencies in the Gaza Strip announced today, Thursday, the registration of a large number of new injuries in the sector during the past three days.

Youssef Abu Al-Rish, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, stated during a press conference, that 29 new injuries were recorded during the past three days, bringing the total number of injuries to 49.

He pointed out that all the injured are returning from Egypt recently, and those who are in contact with them in the quarantine centers, noting that further tests are being conducted.

He pointed out that there are fears that these people may come in contact with quarantined persons, pointing out that the Ministry is currently working to verify this.

He said, "The measures taken do not guarantee, absolutely, that any cases are leaked into the sector."

He stated that the Crisis Cell in Gaza is examining all options to ensure the safety of citizens, including the imposition of a curfew.

For his part, Khalil al-Hayya, a member of the political bureau of Hamas, announced during the conference that the Gaza Strip crossings were closed and that no citizen from those stranded abroad was registered after recording this number of injuries, and the presence of 2000 citizens in quarantine centers.

Al-Hayya pointed out that the move to impose a curfew was postponed until the completion of verification of the absence of any contacts within the sector among those who quit quarantine.

He stressed the necessity for citizens to abide by the instructions of the Ministry of Health and not to leave the homes, and to work away from the markets and others, while emphasizing the license to pray in homes on Friday with the opening of mosques, as well as during Eid prayers.

He called on the citizens to try to be satisfied with the telephone exchange, not to shake hands with one and to keep the spacing.


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