The occupation forces arrest two young men and boys, and raids houses in Ya`bad

The Israeli occupation forces arrested three citizens from the town of Ya'abad, after storming the town and raiding several houses.

And a few months ago, the occupation forces arrested the two boys, Abd Abd al-Rahim Abu Bakr, 17, Islam Nidal Hamrasheh, 17, and the young Muhammad Qais Amarneh, 23, after raiding the homes of their relatives.

Our correspondent reported that the occupying forces raided the house of the prisoner Nasser Bassam Abu Bakr, broke furniture there, wreaked havoc on it, and stormed the house of the two prisoners, Yazan and Anas Abu Shamla, and seized cellular devices.

The town of Ya`bad witnessed confrontations between the youths and the occupation forces that stormed the town with more than 15 military vehicles. During the youths, the Israeli army threw stones and empty bottles.

It is noteworthy that within a week, the occupation forces arrested more than 40 citizens during a massive raid on dozens of homes in the town.


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