Gaza: No new casualties, and call for compliance

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip confirmed today, Sunday, that no new cases of Corona virus were recorded.

And Ashraf Al-Qudra, the ministry’s spokesman, said during the daily press briefing that 488 laboratory samples were taken from the hosts in the quarantine centers who recently returned from Egypt, within the framework of the first stage of the laboratory examination to check on their health.

He pointed out that the total injuries are still stable at 20 cases, 16 of them recovered, and 4 cases are still under treatment in the isolation hospital and their condition is reassuring.

Al-Qudra pointed out that the Ministry is following 1566 hosts in 16 quarantine centers, of whom 108 are sick and need specialized health care in Friendship and Healing and Nasser hospitals.

He said, "The precautions and daily follow-up that the Ministry of Health has done have contributed to the absence of the Corona virus until the moment, but the possibility of cases appearing in the sector remains despite all the measures."

"What we are witnessing these virtuous days is the crowding in the markets and public places is very worrying and a dangerous indication of the state of indolence," he said, appealing to citizens to be cautious and adhere to the precautionary measures, to wear a muzzle, to achieve divergence, and to cleanse the hands when exiting the house for extreme necessity.

He continued, "What some countries of the world are doing to reduce their precautionary measures does not necessarily mean that the pandemic has ended without the discovery of vaccination, effective treatment or a change in the behavior of the virus."

Al-Qudra pointed out that the health situation in the Gaza Strip is passing through a critical stage due to the continued Israeli blockade and the failure to supply what is being requested from the Ministry's warehouses in Ramallah completely and regularly.

The spokesman for the health in Gaza demanded the concerned authorities to respond immediately and not to slow down in meeting the urgent health needs of medicines, medical consumables, laboratory examination materials, intensive care beds, and respirators to face the Corona pandemic.


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