Erekat condemns Washington´s "warning" to the International Criminal Court

Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Saeb Erekat, condemned on Saturday evening the American warning to the International Criminal Court against proceeding with the investigation of Israeli "crimes" in the Palestinian territories.

Erekat said in a tweet on "Twitter" that the American position represented "a blatant interference in the work of the International Court and it is rejected."

And US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Israel is no longer a party to the Rome Agreement, under which the court was established and has no jurisdiction to proceed with the investigation against Israel, and that Palestinians are not eligible as a state to obtain full membership in international organizations including the international criminal.

And at the end of last year, the Palestinian Authority welcomed the announcement by the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court that the preliminary study phase of the situation in Palestine had ended, and its assurance that all the legal conditions for opening an investigation had been fulfilled.


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