Tulkarm: A pause to commemorate the Nakba in front of the Israeli chemical factories

 National action factions, the Wall Resistance Authority and the National Committee for the commemoration of the 72nd Nakba commemoration in Tulkarm on Saturday organized a pause in front of the Israeli chemical factories west of Tulkarm, as part of the national activities on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Nakba

During the stand, the Palestinian flag, black flags and slogans were raised, as well as chanting slogans that affirm the adherence to the right of return

Faisal Salameh, head of the Popular Committee for Tulkarm camp services, said that this pause came to convey a message to the Israeli occupation that our Palestinian people will not give up their legitimate national rights, which are recognized by international laws.

Nada Touir of the General Union of Palestinian Women said that this event came to confirm that our people will not forget and that we will continue to struggle for the establishment of our independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the realization of the right of return, calling for an end to the division over permitting the Palestinian to face challenges.

Sael Khalil, coordinator of the national action factions in Tulkarm, called for a recovery in order to face the challenges arising from the occupation’s decision to annex Palestinian lands and impose Israeli sovereignty on them, warning of the explosion of conditions if the occupation took this step.


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