Gaza: The shortage of medicines, medical consumables and laboratory supplies has reached a critical stage

Gaza Health Authority announced this evening Friday, Friday, that no new cases of Coronavirus were recorded during the past 24 hours.

Health said, in its press release today, Friday, that it had conducted 15 investigations of suspected samples during the past 24 hours, and no new infections were recorded, as it had examined 7,279 samples since the virus appeared in the sector, of which 7,259 were negative, and 20 positive were confirmed.

She said that 14 cases recovered, of which 10 left to the domestic quarantine, and four remained inside the quarantine at the Rafah crossing, while there are six cases that are still being treated at the isolation hospital at the crossing, adding that the number of inmates detained in the private quarantine centers reached 1590, and did not They show symptoms of the disease.

In turn, Dr. Ashraf Al Qudra, a health spokesperson The crisis of lack of medicines, medical consumables and laboratory supplies has reached a critical stage. He called on the concerned authorities to respond urgently to provide health requirements, laboratory examination materials, intensive care beds and ventilators to counter the Corona pandemic.

Al-Qudra pointed out that the Ministry of Health is following the scale of the threat that threatens the Gaza Strip due to the outbreak of the epidemic in its surrounding areas, and stresses the continuation of precautionary measures and the strengthening of societal behavior in the face of the Corona pandemic. He called on governmental and community institutions to continue to follow up the implementation of preventive measures in public service outlets, markets, shops and public places, calling on all citizens to take more care and care and stay in homes as long as possible and avoid crowds and adhere to the guidelines of personal and public prevention without complacency.

He stressed that the continuation of the Israeli blockade constitutes a continuous threat to the lives of citizens in the Gaza Strip, which lacks the health and humanitarian components, calling on all parties to act immediately to end it.

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