Capacity: No new casualties in Gaza, but the curve of the epidemic in the region makes Gaza in danger

Dr. Al-Qudra, the spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry, supervised the failure to record new injuries in Corona, indicating that the total recovery cases in the Gaza Strip 14 cases left from 11 cases and 3 cases remained recovering in the quarantine center at the Rafah crossing.

Al-Qudra said during the press briefing of the Government Information and Information Center, "The medical teams are still following 6 cases infected with Corona virus in the isolation hospital at the Rafah crossing, and their situation is reassuring, and the tests conducted by the central laboratory since the beginning of this week for the hosts and suspected cases are all negative results and no new cases of corona virus have been recorded in the Gaza Strip Gaza ".

He added that the health ended the quarantine of 1971 hosted in the quarantine centers since the beginning of last week according to the approved protocol, and 410 hosts in the quarantine centers are following and all of them are in good health and based on their care 154 medical, police and other services, and the specialized medical teams follow their medical procedures for recovering cases From Corona in the Gaza Strip, a household in need, all of whom are in a reassuring health condition. "

He explained that the Ministry of Health and government institutions closely followed the entire procedures for receiving and hosting the returnees through the Rafah land crossing, whereby thermal monitoring is carried out for all returnees through the Rafah land crossing for the initial assurance of their safety, noting that the health education teams at the Ministry of Health are working to educate those arriving with safety and prevention measures during Host them in quarantine centers.

He stated that the health provided specialized medical teams to sort out the various sick cases as soon as they arrived at the Rafah crossing to transport them by private ambulances to the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, and other health centers, and set up special stone rooms in the major hospitals to receive some cases that require specialized medical interventions from among the returnees according to procedures Complete precaution.

"Governmental institutions have a clear policy to host the returnees while preserving the privacy of female and male students and various social and satisfactory situations," Al-Qudra said.

He added that the Supreme National Committee to confront the Corona pandemic in the Gaza Strip headed by the Ministry of Health confirms that the curve of the spread of the epidemic makes the Gaza Strip in danger, which calls us to tighten our precautionary measures for the safety of society.

He continued, "The acceleration of the epidemic in the world, which reached about 4 million and 300 thousand injuries, as well as the high rates of infection around the Gaza Strip and the return of the disease to many recovering cases, constitute a nightmare for the besieged sector, which represents the highest population density in the world."

He said that the areas from which citizens flock to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing, and through the Beit Hanoun checkpoint, are infested, and calls us to be more careful and to follow safety procedures every moment.

Al-Qudra deplored the existing state of complacency, complacency, and unjustified crowding in the markets and others, and stresses the implementation of a comprehensive preventive measures for the safety of citizens and the fortification of society.

He said that the current stage requires strengthening the societal role in following safety and prevention measures without recklessness or indolence, as everyone is responsible for protecting the Gaza Strip from the danger of corona, and he called on all citizens, especially the elderly, children, patients with weak immune and respiratory and chronic diseases, to more caution and commitment to homes and avoid Public places, gatherings and following continuous prevention measures.

He stressed that the crisis in the shortage of health resources is intensifying day after day by the continuation of the Israeli blockade and the lack of access to the Gaza Strip's share of international aid, noting that the Gaza Strip has not reached the aid of donor countries and institutions allocated to our Palestinian people to confront the Corona pandemic.

He demanded that the relevant authorities guarantee the delivery of the Gaza Strip's share of the total Turkish aid, and other medical assistance that reached the warehouses of the Ministry of Health in Ramallah from various donor countries and institutions that exceeded $ 40 million.

And salute the ability on World Nursing Day, which falls today, May 12 We renew our greetings and appreciation to all the nursing and medical staff working day and night.


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