Zoom buys an information security company to counter the piracy risks

With the huge increase in the use of the video conferencing application via Internet "Zoom" as a result of measures to combat the emerging Corona Virus (Covid19-) and the commitment of most people to stay in their homes and millions of employees to do their work From home, the interest in data protection of application users from piracy has increased.

According to the website "CNet.com" specializing in technology issues, the number of users of the "Zoom" application increased from 10 million participants in meetings per day in January to 200 million participants per day last March, then 300 million participants in meetings per day during Last April.

Researchers recently discovered a vulnerability in "Zoom" called "Zoom Zoom", and this allows uninvited people to break into and confuse the meeting by broadcasting hate content or pornographic images. Indeed, three lawsuits have been brought against Zoom because of its insufficient attention to safety factors.

The researcher also discovered the ability to play previously recorded videos on cloud computing services for hours even if the user deleted them.

In this atmosphere, Zoom announced the purchase of the data security company and the exchange of files via the Internet, "Key Biz", where the company "Key Biz" will make important contributions to the Zoom plan to improve security factors and protect privacy in the application within 90 days. Max Krone, co-founder of KeyBiz, will head the Zoom data security engineering team.

Zoom mentioned that one of the versions of the application, Zoom 5.0, has the ability to encrypt the content in accordance with the standard known as "AES 265" and that it seeks to reach the technology of encryption between terminals, which is the most powerful encryption method currently in the world of communications, adding that it will announce details of design This new encoding method is May 22.


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