Microsoft offers 100 thousand dollars to those who penetrate the operating system "Azure Ambassador"

The American software giant Microsoft launched a competition between data security experts and network penetration professionals to reveal the gaps in the "Azure Sphere" system that the company developed to be a true basis for interconnection technology applications via the Internet to control In appliances included in everyday things, from the webcam to the garage doors.

Microsoft offers rewards of up to $ 100,000 for anyone who discovers any serious security vulnerability in Azure Sphere, which consists of an approved processor with a customized version developed by Microsoft from the open source operating system Linux called "Sphere OS" and an insurance service to identify problems and issue updates to it.

"We provide more content and resources to provide researchers with the tools they need and improve their ability to discover serious weaknesses in the technology of cloud computing that is being developed,", a tech specialist website, quoted Sylvie Liu, one of the managers of data security programs at Microsoft. .

Researchers wishing to participate in this competition can submit their applications until the current May 15, after which Microsoft will determine the qualified researchers to participate in the competition and who will be allowed access to the system's programming tools, as well as the equipment and codes available to researchers in Microsoft. Participants will have until August 31 to discover problems and submit them to Microsoft.


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