A new way to measure the efficiency of lithium batteries remotely

Researchers from the Jonas Gutenberg University and the Helmut Institute in Mainz, Germany, have found a new way to measure the efficiency of lithium batteries remotely.

The technology website, Vis Dot Org, said that the new method relies on measuring magnetic fields around the batteries.

There is an increasing demand for rechargeable batteries of high capacity, and therefore there is a need for a diagnostic technique that can measure how efficient this type of battery is, adding that success in developing new technologies depends on the possibility of producing new batteries High efficiency and longer life span.

Vikernbroek emphasized that the creation of a method to remotely measure the efficiency of batteries is a new incentive to improve the battery industry in general.

He explained that "the new measurement technique works similar to MRI, but it is simpler because it depends on measuring the magnetic fields of the atoms."

The new technology relies on placing the batteries inside a magnetic field to measure any changes that occur at the level of the magnetic fields of the atoms within this field, and it is possible through measuring these changes to know how efficient the lithium batteries are, and whether they have been damaged.

In his view, Vikernbruck confirmed that this method "is faster and can be easily integrated into battery manufacturing operations."


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