Google launches the Red Along app to teach children to read in 180 countries

The American Technology and Internet Services Company launched Google its new application "Red Along" to help children 5 years and over learn to read on smart devices running the Android operating system in more than 180 Country.

The application provides an audible and visual evaluation of the reading of the child who is reading aloud in front of the smartphone. The Red Along platform is one of many online education platforms, with the aim of helping students to communicate and learn during the current school closure period in light of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic (Covid19-).

The Red Along app includes a sub-application called "Dia" and uses Google's technology to convert text into readable voices and voice recognition technology to determine if a child's reading is faltering.

The “dia” feature can give positive comments to the child during the reading session, and the child can activate this feature when he needs help knowing how to pronounce the word or read an entire sentence correctly.

The app contains a wide range of stories to read from around the world, including games. Children can earn stars and badges when they are read correctly to encourage them to continue reading.

The website "", which specializes in technology issues, indicated that there will be no advertisements or offers to sell applications while using Red Along, and it does not need to use it to log in after downloading the application and reading stories.

This application works without the need to connect to the Internet, as the audio data is analyzed immediately and on the phone, without sending it to any of the Google servers.


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