The heir to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has his eldest child

The royal family in Luxembourg and the government announced on Sunday the birth of the first child to the heir of the Grand Duke who may reach the head of state in the future.

The government of Luxembourg announced in a press release that the first child of the heirs, the fifth grandchild of the Grand Duke Henry (and the fourth boy) was born Sunday shortly after five o'clock.

The child was named Charles Jean-Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume, the son of Crown Prince Guillaume and his wife Stephanie.

The child weighs 3,190 kg and is 50 centimeters long.

"The princess and the child are in good health," the Grand Duchy Court said in a statement, adding that the couple "are looking forward to showing it to the public."

"Twenty-one rounds of artillery installed by the army will be fired on the Fort Thongen heights to mark the birth of the child," the government said.


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