Increase in the number of sick prisoners in the Ramla prison hospital

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The number of prisoners hospitalized in the "Ramla" prison hospital has risen to 19, with extremely poor and difficult conditions of health and detention, the prisoners and editors ' Affairs said on Tuesday.

According to "official agency", the authority drew attention to the fact that the captives were: Khaled Shawish, Mansour Stove, Mu'tasim Radad, Ayman al-Kurd, Yusuf Nuagah, Ashraf Abu al-Huda, Nahed al-'ra, Saleh Saleh, Mohammed Abu Khader, Abdulaziz Arafa, Sami Abu Dayak, Ahmed el Masry, Mohamed Salem Deeb, Izz al- Iyad Harbat, Wladek Braghthh, Mounir al-Zein, Mohammed Natur, Walid Neharat and Hasan Shthorn.

Patients there suffered from a policy of deliberate medical negligence, where there was a lack of medical and health services, lack of diagnosis of pathological conditions, lack of treatment and medication, and the bargaining of prisoners for treatment and the provision of sedatives and tranquilizers.

It noted the worsening of the health situation of Iyad and Harbat, in the absence of the necessary treatments for his state of health, which is worsening daily, and the health condition of al-Mu'tasim Radad, who suffers from diseases such as bowel cancer, cardiac insufficiency, asthma and bone problems, Skin corrosion, shoulder and joint aches, problems with vision, problems with paragraphs, etc.

The most difficult conditions in the prisons are those of the patients who have been shot, disabled, crippled, infected with malignant diseases and tumours for years, who have been suffering from the exacerbation of diseases in their bodies, the policy of medical negligence and the procrastination in responding to requests for early release for reasons , which are submitted by lawyers to the relevant Israeli committees.


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