UNRWA launches an emergency appeal for $ 93.4 million to tackle the Corona virus

 The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) launched a new emergency appeal to urgently obtain $ 93.4 million for its response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the areas of health care and education over the months The next three.

UNRWA said in a call issued today, Friday, that the required amount is an update to the previous agency's appeal, as a large part of the funding required to cover food and cash aid to this vulnerable group specifically, while the effects of the socio-economic consequences of the health crisis continue General over families.

She added: Since the crisis began, the agency has worked hard to provide basic and life-saving services to Palestine refugees throughout the Middle East. Personal protection equipment was distributed to thousands of health workers working at the frontline, just as screening systems were applied in all health centers to examine patients with respiratory symptoms and reduce contact with other patients, non-essential health services were suspended, telemedicine and delivery service were suspended Medicines and food to the home in order to reduce the presence of individuals in clinics and distribution centers.

UNRWA indicated that in order to ensure the continuity of education for more than 530,000 students enrolled in UNRWA schools along with 8,270 young men and women in vocational centers, the Agency's approach to education in emergencies, which was developed in response to conflicts in Syria and Gaza, has been modified and developed For the crisis Covid-19.

UNRWA Commissioner-General Philip Lazarini said: "We have seen how the crisis works disproportionately to hit the poorest and most destitute societies in the world. This is unfortunately the lived reality for Palestine refugees who are among the most vulnerable populations in the Middle East," adding: " Most of the refugees served by UNRWA live below the poverty line and suffer from the absence of the safety net required to absorb the financial and medical shocks of the Covid-19 pandemic. They now face devastating consequences for their physical, social and economic well-being. ”

UNRWA's emergency appeal will work to prevent a catastrophic situation that could leave thousands of lives at stake and protect them from the severest impacts of the pandemic by providing them with basic needs such as food, water and life-saving health care and preventing further deterioration of the refugees' health and socioeconomic safety.

Lazarini said: “As long as the global crisis continues, UNRWA will continue to adapt its method of operation to respond to the needs and expectations of Palestine refugees. I count on the solidarity of the international community to help us ensure that Palestine refugees remain safe and able to weather the economic storm that may drive this fragile society Toward the brink of catastrophe. This could provoke more instability in a region already living in precarious conditions. "


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