"Man" center calls on the international community to intervene to stop the settlement plan in Hebron and around the Tomb of the Patriarchs

The Human Rights Center for Democracy and Rights warned of settlement occupation plans in the Hebron Governorate, especially with regard to the Ibrahimi Mosque, and the continued violations by settlers under the protection of the occupation authorities, and turns the city into a direct target of settlement and Judaization projects, at the instruction of Under the supervision of the Israeli Minister of War, "Naftali Bennett," the restrictions imposed on the Palestinians there.

For 25 years, the occupation authorities in Hebron Governorate have been deliberately practicing racist extremism, restricting Palestinians in the city, and ignoring their needs in order to displace them from their homes, to empty the city of its Arab and Islamic content, in exchange for providing all the needs of the settlers and creating an appropriate atmosphere for them to encourage them to stay in the city, and this is what The Minister of the Army, Naftali Bennett, encouraged his approval on the evening of 3 May 2020 a new settlement plan in the city of Hebron, which includes the confiscation of Palestinian lands in the city to build a huge elevator and a road in the Ibrahimi Mosque, and Bennett made the decision after the approval of the Ministry of Justice, and the approval of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Israeli JI, preceded by the approval of the Judicial Adviser to the occupation government, Avihai Mendelblit, on a decision to confiscate lands in the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of Hebron, from the Islamic Endowments Department and use them for Judaizing and settlement projects under the pretext of development and expansion.

The Human Rights Center said in a statement that the settlement occupation policy in the Hebron Governorate and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Jerusalem constitutes a clear violation of international law by prohibiting the transfer and forcible displacement of the population of the occupied countries, which represents a war crime in accordance with the Rome Charter of the Criminal Court, and not to allow the occupation Changing features of the occupied land, especially in archaeological and protected areas.

The Center called on the international community to intervene to stop the crimes of the occupation, to take practical steps to stop the theft of the occupation of the Palestinian territories, and for the authority to take its legal measures, and to make all efforts to preserve the Ibrahimi Mosque and not to prejudice it.


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