Mask and Bezos win a contract with NASA to build moon landing vehicles

The American Space Agency (NASA) announced the signing of a billion dollar contract with three companies, including "Blue Origin" by Jeff Bezos and "Spice X" by Elon Mask to manufacture landing vehicles on the moon, in the framework of The declared American goal of returning to the moon.

SpiceX, owned by Elon Musk (owner of "Tesla)," Blue Origin "by Jeff Bezos (owner of" Amazon "and the world's richest people) and US" Dynetics ", which is also working in the space industry, will share $ 967 million to develop each of their special landing craft Until February 2021, the date on which NASA will choose one of the models presented.

"America is nearing the final stages of its project to send astronauts to the moon in 2024 when we will see the astonishing moment in which for the first time a woman will step foot on the moon's surface," NASA director Jim Braidenstein said.

"For the first time since the era of the Apollo missions, NASA will have funding for a lunar landing vehicle system with a human crew. We currently have contracts with companies working for the Artemis program," he added.

This system of lunar landing vehicles with a human crew occupies a central position in the American "Artemis" program to return to the moon.

Despite the Covid-19 epidemic that caused suspension of construction and missile tests, "Artemis", Brianstein expressed his desire to see the mission moving forward.

"We have to give hope to people. We have to provide them with something that allows them to dream and is an inspiration not only for our nation but for the whole world," he said.


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