Major American airlines plan to oblige their passengers to wear face masks

Three US airlines announced on Thursday that they would soon oblige passengers to wear face masks on board their flights in the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Washington.

The airlines (Delta Airlines), (American Airlines Group) and (Frontier Airlines) issued their data separately, two days after JetBlue Airways announced this change in its policies, becoming the first major American airline to enforce this rule.

Delta Airlines will begin applying the rule from May 4, while American Airlines and Frontier Airlines will begin to apply from May 11 to May 8, respectively.

"The new commitment comes in the framework of the airline's ongoing commitment to prioritize the interests of customers and team members in light of the response to the new Corona Virus pandemic," (American Airlines) said in a statement.

Many airlines are building safety measures by banning some seats from being created for social space and introducing new cleaning rules.

Air travel in the United States has fallen 95 percent from last year, and the average number of domestic flight passengers is 17, according to industry figures.

The Federal Aviation Administration is facing calls from airline associations to require all passengers to wear face masks.

"We are delighted to see airlines taking measures to oblige passengers, crew and other front-line employees to wear masks or passenger caps," said Sarah Nelson, chair of the Flight Attendant Association, adding that she will continue to call on the federal government to do so.


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