Brussels will turn into a pedestrian and cycling area

 A spokeswoman for the mayor of the Belgian capital, Brussels, announced that the city center will be transformed into a pedestrian and cycling area for at least the next three months, while cars, trams and buses will be allowed to pass at a maximum speed of 20 km /hour.

The spokeswoman, Wafaa Hamish, said the decision coincides with a partial easing of the closure measures in the face of the outbreak of the new Corona virus in the country, starting next Monday.

"We decided to seize the opportunity," she added in comments to German news agency DPA.

Under the new rules, pedestrians will be allowed to walk the streets, making it easier to monitor compliance with the Social Divergence Guidelines.

However, no date has been set for the start of the new traffic system, which will require vehicles to clear the way for pedestrians and cyclists.

Hemish explained that the decision is not directed against cars, and said that when the people of the Belgian capital begin to leave their homes again during the coming weeks, they should be encouraged to do so on foot or by bicycle.

She explained that the final preparations are currently taking place, which include the installation of new signs and signs, noting that once these rules enter into force, all traffic lights in the city center will be illuminated in a permanent orange color.

This new system will be evaluated after three months.


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