Ford plans to provide the Mustang hybrid with a 8-cylinder engine

American automaker Ford Motor Company plans to produce a Mustang hybrid. According to "Auto Car", which specializes in auto topics, the hybrid Mustang will focus on high performance at the expense of fuel efficiency.

According to the British site, Ford intends to provide the new generation of the Mustang with a conventional engine in the front that consists of 8 cylinders and works in rear-wheel drive, with a pair of electric motors for the front-wheel drive. This hybrid engine means that the car will run on all-wheel drive.

Motor Trend, which specializes in auto issues, stated that while Ford was not expected to develop a hybrid Mustang years before the original version of this model was introduced, it was not entirely excluded.

And if Ford goes ahead with a plan to introduce a hybrid Mustang with an eight-cylinder engine, the company intends to reduce engine power while focusing on performance efficiency, as is the case with the engines of the Ford Shelby GT 350 and GT 500.


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