Kazakhstan: A famous figure is fined for violating the rules of stone

 A celebrity has been fined by the authorities in Kazakhstan after he posted a video clip showing one of his friends cutting his hair in violation of the rules of stone in this Central Asian country, according to what the police announced .

The police of Almaty, the largest Kazakh city, explained that Yenis Umarov, who has 2.3 million followers on his account at "Instagram", gave a "stupid example" by photographing a friend who cuts his hair.

The young man, known online as Zika Fatbilly, was fined 60 euros for violating the isolation measures imposed since mid-March in Almaty.

And local media quoted police official Manab Satarov as saying that such behavior "may become contagious."

"Instagram" is very popular in Kazakhstan with a population of 18.2 million.

In a video clip, Yenis Umarov apologized, "I admit my mistake and ask everyone to be quarantined." Kazakhstan, the largest economy in Central Asia, has so far recorded more than 2,200 infections, and 20 deaths.


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